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Research Table

Interactive presentation of complex archives

The interactive »Research Table« provides an intuitive access to large databases through its large-format multitouch-surface.

Time and location data of artists, commissioners and related institutions are shown in an easily comprehensible display. Works and paths of life are being put into relation and visualized in various ways.

The Research Table was initally developed for the research project »What was German Graphic Design?« at Berlin University of the Arts. (Supervision: Severin Wucher, Kilian Krug, Markus Lerner; contributors: Ferdinand Ulrich, Patrick Funk, Cathleen Gettkandt, Mara Hellmann, Wanda Proft, Manja Schiemann).

The exhibition »Erik Spiekermann – The Face of Type« at the Bauhaus Archive, Berlin (23 March – 6 June 2011) featured an extended version of the table which gave an insight into Erik Spiekermannʼs network of partners.

The table was developed in collaboration with Plural (Kilian Krug und Severin Wucher). Frontend/Backend Design: Kilian Krug, Markus Lerner; Programming: Markus Lerner; design-academic supervision: Severin Wucher.
It was awarded Gold at the IF Communication Design Award and the European Design Award.

Frontend-/Backend-Design (with Plural), Java/OpenGL programming, Backend: PHP/MySQL/Ajax, Hardware installation

  • Graphics PC for the real-time display
  • 1 Full HD Projector for back projection
  • Multitouch table surface (Rear DI using CCV)

IF communication design award 2012 GoldEuropean Design Award 2012 Gold
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