• Dinner at the White House

    Interactive installation at The Kennedy Center, Washington DC, 2022

    The interactive exhibit ›Dinner at the White House‹ at the Kennedy Center, Washington DC, introduces visitors to dinners hosted by the Kennedy White House, which featured prominent artists, writers, musicians, and cultural figures. A series of touchscreens allows visitors to learn about the historic guests and to propose which contemporary guests they would invite today. Quotes from the invitees appear on the surface of the table suggesting the themes and connections between them.

    The table is part of the permanent exhibition ›Art and Ideals: President John F. Kennedy‹, which has been designed by creative director Abbott Miller of Pentagram in collaboration with architects KieranTimberlake, consulting curator Ileen Gallagher and an advisory committee of five leading U.S. historians.

    The installation was developed on behalf of TheGreenEyl. I collaborated on the UI design and developed the backend and frontend software. Art direction and project management: Richard The, content and design: Ardak MukanovaJiangnan NicholeRozi Zhu, sound design: Marian Mentrup.

    UI design, back- and frontend development in JavaScript/WebGL/three.js