• Interactive city map

    Multitouch table in the Red Town Hall, Berlin, 2009

    A part of the “Be Berlin” campaign, the interactive table in the shape of the city of Berlin, located in the foyer of the main municipal building (Rote Rathaus) Berlin, which is visited by a large number of tourists daily, shows bilingual descriptions of sights and stories from berliners on a satellite map.

    The table allows visitors to get an insight into the many attractions berlin offers with historical pictures, descriptions in german/english and trivia. The multitouch surface enables several users to explore the content at the same time. This project was done in collaboration with Felix Hardmood Beck (exhibition design, draft, consulting) and Hermann Klöckner (consulting) of ART+COM.

    One can view the Be Berlin Table at the Red Town hall during working hours Monday–Friday, unless there is a private gathering.

    Interactive city map
    Foyer in front of the coat of arms hall (Wappensaal)
    inside the Berlin Town Hall (Rotes Rathaus)
    Entrance Rathausstraße
    10178 Berlin Mitte

    Concept & design in collaboration with ART+COM, Java, OpenGL and OpenAL programming, Projector timing control


    • Graphics PC for the real-time display
    • 2 SXGA+ (1400×1050) projectors
    • Touch sensitive table surface (ART+COM)
    • Speakers