• Polygon Playground

    Dynamic Lounge Object, 2008

    The Polygon Playground is a large scale interactive lounge object developed and produced by WHITEvoid. Markus Lerner was commissioned for the Tracking/OpenGL software development.

    The object offers room for up to 40 persons at a time to walk, sit and explore its multifaceted surfaces. Gradient ramps guide to the top plateau or offer space to sit and rest. The installation features a software aided 3D surface projection system to cover the object with a seamless 360 degree projection. An additional sensory system detects peoples positions and proximity.

    The visual appearance of the Polygon Playground changes continuously with the presence, movement and physical touch of its visitors. The object detects the positions and directions of people and reacts with evolving visual moods and graphic styles.

    The hardware and software system of the Polygon Playground can be applied to virtually any 3D body to turn it into an interactive object.

    Commission, production and art direction by WHITEvoid.

    Design of the interactive modes in collaboration with Christopher Bauder/WHITEvoid, Tracking/OpenGL programming in Java

    – 2008 “SMUK” festival, Skanderborg, Denmark
    – 2009 “STRP” festival, Eindhoven, Netherlands
    – 2009 FREEZE! Art Show,
    National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
    – 2011 “I/O/I. The senses of machines”,
    Disseny Hub, Barcelona, Spain

    Photos: Christopher Bauder, Markus Lerner