• Zeiss 3D Model Interaction

    Interactive 3D models, 2020

    Interactive 3D models in Three.js were developed on behalf of Monomango to create a rich virtual experience of the functionality of the ZEISS Tumor Workflow devices.

    The ZEISS KINEVO® 900 robotic visualization system features like PointLock and PositionMemory can be explored via mouse or touch interaction and the device reacts just like in real-life.

    In Vivo Pathology Suite ZEISS CONVIVO® allows real-time feedback on tissue microstructure and enables medical team members to remote-access in vivo images.

    ZEISS INTRABEAM® 600 uses Intraoperative radiotherapy for the treatment of brain metastases and recurrent brain tumors.


    Concept, design, production: Monomango
    Software Development - Showroom: Apilia
    3D model interaction & coding: Markus Lerner

    Interaction design, JavaScript/WebGL/three.js programming