• Micro – Macro

    Interactive wall projection at ZEISS headquarters, Oberkochen, 2014

    An interactive installation was developed for the ZEISS Museum of Optics in Oberkochen. It allows visitors to explore the known orders of magnitude in an interactive way.
    A continuous zoom leads from the Planck length (1,616199 × 10−35 m) via atoms, microorganisms, everyday objects, countries, planets galaxies up to the size of the currently observable universe (2,80 × 1026 m).

    The user controls the zoom via the distance from the projection surface: zoom-in by getting closer, zoom-out by stepping back. The speed of the zoom can be accelerated or reduced by using the hands additionally.

    The project was realized in collaboration with TheGreenEyl (Concept, Art Direction, Production).

    Screen Design, Java/OpenGL/Shader programming, Kinect tracking