• Reactive Sparks

    Light installation in an urban environment, 2007

    A new display for OSRAM Seven Screens in Munich was created on behalf of ART+COM, Berlin. OSRAM Seven Screens is an installation of seven double-sided vertical screens in front of the OSRAM main office in Munich, next to the highway “Mittlerer Ring”, one of the most congested roads in Munich and Germany.

    For the display Reactive Sparks, the traffic on the street is tracked in real-time; each vehicle creates a spark which moves across the screens. The Waves in the lower part of the display represent the amount of traffic in the past few minutes. More traffic results in higher waves with faster movement. The installation conveys the idea of energy and movement translated it into a visual representation. The warm colours create a warm spot in the gray winter landscape. The display will run until April 2008.

    Idea, concept, design, Java and OpenGL programming


    • 7 vertical screens with more than 750,000 RGB high-capacity LEDs
    • tracking computer with firewire camera
    • graphics computer for the real time rendering of the display