• Radiation Culture

    Indicating mobile radiation in real space, 2004

    Radiation culture is an interactive installation that visualizes the spatial distribution of mobile radiation.

    Electromagnetic radiant energy feeds a synthetic bioindicator. The visual display uses the metaphor of algal growth in places of strong insolation. The absorption range in the electromagnetic spectrum, however, is shifted from visible light to long-wave radiation.

    The installation refers to a space, where mobile sources of radiation like mobile phones are. This can be both a room inside a building and an area of public space, for example a place, where many people frequent. At places of concentrated radiation an alga-like shape begins to grow. It is loosely connected and can freely move in space.

    Idea, concept, design, programming in Java, video tracking

    Conceive and design a project, whose main means of expression is generativity. The choice of topic is open.

    Project documentation
    Programmed sketch