Rich remoteness

Finally i’m continuing the semester project, Here/There, glad to collabrate with Richard. Some thoughts, straight from here and there in my mind:

– close the gap between remote places with creative design

– communication often is too impersonal, cold, unemotional

– look at what every human being been has learned from childhood and is familiar with:

– haptic perception
– remembering spatial information (surrounding, storage places)

– interaction with others (gestures, body language)

– burning: aura, magic, telepathy, imagination

– gestures and body language as subliminal communication

– clothes as an expression of style and social status

– camouflage – attention

– local adaption – global attention

– überall und nirgends („irgendwo/an einem unbekannten Ort sein; häufig den Ort wechseln“)

– nah und fern

– record movement of air in one place and send it to another

– shoot airwaves over distances

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