Rich remoteness

Finally i’m continuing the semester project, Here/There, glad to collabrate with Richard. Some thoughts, straight from here and there in my mind:

– close the gap between remote places with creative design

– communication often is too impersonal, cold, unemotional

– look at what every human being been has learned from childhood and is familiar with:

– haptic perception
– remembering spatial information (surrounding, storage places)

– interaction with others (gestures, body language)

– burning: aura, magic, telepathy, imagination

– gestures and body language as subliminal communication

– clothes as an expression of style and social status

– camouflage – attention

– local adaption – global attention

– überall und nirgends (“irgendwo/an einem unbekannten Ort sein; häufig den Ort wechseln”)

– nah und fern

– record movement of air in one place and send it to another

– shoot airwaves over distances


  • krittika

    I was thinking here and there can be the odd links that superstitions have to reality. Or the weird object and phenomenon links that different cultures have. For example in india it is disrespectful to touch someone with a broom, the belief also goes that one will become thin if touched by a broom. My flat mate was telling me in Japan they make small tissue paper dolls and hang them on the windows on rainy days,so that the next day is a clear sunny day.

    hmm thinking further a gesture here can mean something else there(in another count). I remember reading that a certain movement of the mouth was read to be that the woman wanted to marry the man and was sued for falsely leading him on …thought it was just a casual gesture she did unknowingly.

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