London College of Communication

Finally I’ve enrolled to LCC and found my course. Actually I was about to attend the Typo/graphic course of Mr. Peter Willberg, son of the famous Hans Peter Willberg. The first day started of with cutting proof prints (Andruckbögen) into pieces and creating a new artwork from these. Mr. Willberg checked our skills in font recognition and I had to realize that I’m not that good at that, though I try hard at times (to Christoph: I didn’t even recognize Gill at first glance).

Well, I really liked the idea of using your handicraft skills, but I also felt like I’m a bit out of that business. Honestly, for me it felt a bit like at primary school, so then I quickly chose to go the interactive course of a prof called Biggles. Their manner of working suits me more as it is quite the way like at the Digital Media Class at the UdK.
At the interactive course, Candie, a fellow student, made some experiments with an uv-sensitive foil (see photos/video below) which comes quite close to our semester project in berlin, sensitive skin.

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