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Finally I’ve enrolled to LCC and found my course. Actually I was about to attend the Typo/graphic course of Mr. Peter Willberg, son of the famous Hans Peter Willberg. The first day started of with cutting proof prints (Andruckbögen) into pieces and creating a new artwork from these. Mr. Willberg checked our skills in font recognition and I had to realize that I’m not that good at that, though I try hard at times (to Christoph: I didn’t even recognize Gill at first glance).

Well, I really liked the idea of using your handicraft skills, but I also felt like I’m a bit out of that business. Honestly, for me it felt a bit like at primary school, so then I quickly chose to go the interactive course of a prof called Biggles. Their manner of working suits me more as it is quite the way like at the Digital Media Class at the UdK.
At the interactive course, Candie, a fellow student, made some experiments with an uv-sensitive foil (see photos/video below) which comes quite close to our semester project in berlin, sensitive skin.

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  • Gauri

    Dear Markus,

    Let me first introduce myself. I am Gauri, a graphic designer by profession. I am applying for MA in Interactive media at LCC.

    I was searching for some students who have either studied this course or are studying. I am glad I found you on the search engine and hence this “Hello Mail” to you.

    Would you be able to share some information about the course. Please your information will help me make a quick decision.

    Thanks in advance. Awaiting your reply.


  • Oskar

    Tach Markus!

    Schäm Dich!

    Du befindest dich sozusagen im heiligen Heimatland der Gill! Du findest sie hier quasi an jeder Ecke! Die Gill ist eine tolle Schrift. Okay, über die Extra- und Ultrabold-Schnitte kann man streiten. Da hat Christoph durchaus recht. Obwohl man auch die für so richtig prollige Anl?§?üe gut gebrauchen kann. So, wenn ich dann mal aus Humberside runterkomme um dir einen Besuch abzustatten, erwarte ich, daß Du sie dir noch mal angeschaut hast.

    Übrigens, hübsche Sache so ein Blog.

  • markus

    Um ehrlich zu sein, er hat uns ja nur 3 sec Zeit gegeben. Ich wäre bestimmt noch drauf gekommen. 😉

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