behavior ideas

    source of inspiration

s sensory organ
a animal
p plant

  1 touch & feel


– slowly touching and feeling the surface

– slow backwards movement while feeling,
like thinking of the feeled sensation

  2 touch & feel 2


– like 1, but slow, ductile movements

– like the antennas of a snail
  3 seek


– seeking around with stops and fast changes of the line of sight in between

– like reptiles or standing up like ground squirrels (erhörnchen)
  4 fear reaction 1

s a p

– quick backwards movement on contact

– like snail eyes, like mimosa
  5 fear reaction 2


– slow approach – slow, shy backwards movement on contact

– like shy animals
  6 fear reaction 3

a p

– fast curl on contact
  7 gainin interest

s p

– one antenna is feeling, the other one arrives
    8 panic reaction
    9 attack
    10 imitation