Interactive installation at Marchivum, Mannheim

Dinner at the White House

Interactive installation at The Kennedy Center, Washington DC

Zeiss 3D Model Interaction

Interactive 3D models

Kurt Weill Cosmos

Interactive network visualization at Kurt Weill Centre, Dessau

Database of Hopes

Touchscreen terminals and 4K infinity mirror display at futurium Berlin

Forgotten Heritage

Web-based visual database of artists and artworks


Generative LED-Wall display, Mann+Hummel, Ludwigsburg

The Emirati National House

Interactive map of the United Arab Emirates


A visual exploration of the travel freedom attached to passports


Interactive multitouch table at the Hersbruck/Happburg documentation site


Multi-touchscreen installation at Grimmwelt Kassel, Germany

Micro – Macro

Interactive wall projection at ZEISS headquarters, Oberkochen


Virtual orchestra for the Mendelssohn-Haus Leipzig

Interactive journey in time

Interactive table at the Museum of Hamburg History

Solar Module Designer

Interactive web, touch screen and iPad application

Research Table

Interactive presentation of complex archives

Interactive city map

Multitouch table in the Red Town Hall, Berlin

Polygon Playground

Dynamic Lounge Object

3D Image Search

Intuitive 3D image browser

Reactive Growth

Interactive screen display for tade fair stand


Online magazine

Reactive Sparks

Light installation in an urban environment

Norwich Textiles

Textile history website


Generative display for the Vattenfall building facade


Concept: Reactive Bar Counter Surface


Flash-website for music artist


Reactive robotic creature

Radiation Culture

Indicating mobile radiation in real space

Anticipation & Reality

Intermediate degree in the Digital Media Class

Basic Course

Website and CD-Rom for the Basic Course of the Digital Media Class


Generating sound loops through recursive algorithms


Short movie