Platz! | Hot wire experiments

In order to produce a disgusting smell, Karl-Heinz advised me to burn some PE plastic. Now i did this amazing experiment, which reminded me of school lessons in physics. Well, i guess this part should be rather easy.


  • Looks cool. But how about the “smoke ring gun” from Conrad?

  • you can forget about all those guns. tomorrow i will try to get a pe block at modulor and some extra smoke fluid at conrad. i’ll try to produce smoke and smell with this wire.

    karl-heinz also gave me the advice to burn some wax. i’m going to experiment with different materials tomorrow and choose the best.

  • annelie

    schöner blog. wie hast du denn den QT so eingebaut dass es ohne link geht?

  • danke, das einbauen geht ganz einfach via embed:

    es gibt noch mehr variablen, die man auf diese weise bequem setzen kann. das müsste alles bei stehen.

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