Pixelito mini helicopter

“So just a little while ago I mentioned that Epson had created the world’s smallest flying robot. And while that may technically be the case, depending on how you define robot and if you define smallest by weight or by length or whatnot, this Pixelito helicopter hand-crafted by Alexander Van de Rostyne is pretty amazing. The frame is a single, twisted tube of 1mm carbon (fiber?), minus the tail boom which is 1.33mm in diameter, powered my a 6mm motor from the inside of a pager. It’s remote controlled by infrared, and weighs in at a total 6.9 grams (stupid Most Bestest Whatevers titles beside,the Epson robot is 12.3 grams, although it has more features, too).”

via gizmodo.com


  • Jorge

    Amazing!!!! Hellow from Barcelona, I’m an “crazy” for all thats magics machines that can fly, I just want to know if your spectacular machines can make stationary end backwards fly’s- Thank you and sorry by my inglish level, happy flys!!!

  • carl

    hey it has a flybar so i would be right in thinking it has servos and a squash plate and are they actually for sale anyware ?

  • simo

    hey men, it’s nice machine. can you give me guide (manual) how can i make something like this. i took it for matural work. thanks

  • Hi folks,
    please refer to the original website of the pixelito robot: http://pixelito.reference.be
    I didn’t make it, just posted it.

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