3D image search

3D Photo View3D Photo View is a new intuitive image browser for viewzi.com.

Viewzi is a new and highly visual way to search. Being one of the search options, 3D photo view is a whole new approach to image search, allowing you to place several searchfields in a 3D space. The image results will get arranged around and between the searchfields. The engine also displays images related to several searchfields and related tags.

Programming in Flash ActionScript 3/Papervision. Concept and design in collaboration with WHITEvoid. Commission, production and art direction by WHITEvoid.

German bird in india

Eagles in IndiaI just got back from my frist trip to India. I had only two weeks – a very intense, exciting experience.
I was great to see so many of the German national birds, the eagle, mingle in India. This picture was taken just by the road from Bangalore to Mysore. I posted many pictures from my first trip to India on Flickr.