• Forgotten Heritage

    Interactive online application, 2018

    Forgotten Heritage is a visual database of European avant-garde artworks. Several art archives across Europe have brought together about 8,000 entries and made them tangible in their context. Visitors can immerse themselves in the world of avant-garde artists from Poland, Estonia, Croatia, France and Belgium, who were active in the second half of the 20th century. The sophisticated design opens up a fascinating network of works, artists and places of action.

    The project is the recent implementation of The Visual Archive, a technology developed by Plural, which facilitates the display of digital collections and datasets.

    Using web technologies like React.js, d3.js and pixie.js, the application lets people interact with archival data in new ways and make hidden connections graspable. For the curation of the content, the sophisticated Visual Archive Backend system makes it easy for both professional and less tech-savvy users to edit large amounts of data.

    In Collaboration with Marika Kuźmicz of Fundacja Arton and Kilian Krug.

    UI/UX design, frontend/backend/database development

  • Travelscope

    A visual exploration of the travel freedom attached to passports, 2016

    The weight and the travel freedom attached to a passport vary drastically across nationalities. International visa-regulations are very complex and often non-transparent. They reflect the economical and geopolitical situations as well as the relationships of countries.

    This project aims to cast some light on these structures and make it easy to find out which countries an individual of a certain nationality can travel to without a visa or with visa on arrival. The destination country can be intuitively selected by clicking/tapping the map, via the live search field or by choosing it from the country list. In the "Visa-free sources" mode, you can alternatively explore the number of countries whose nationals can enter a specific country without a visa or with visa on arrival. The GDP and population modes are added for reference. Other modes can be implemented in the future.

    This web application features a responsive design which works across browsers, platforms and screen sizes, as long as WebGL is available. Since WebGL is now supported by iOS, it also works on recent iOS devices running iOS 8+. Recent Android versions are supported as well.

    Travelscope is listed at Chrome Experiments and has been selected an Official Honoree in The 20th Annual Webby Awards.

    Travelscope project

    Concept, UI Design, coding in HTML5 (Javascript/Three.js)

  • ArtSchoolVets!

    Online magazine, 2008

    ArtSchoolVets! is a German platform for design, music, art and fashion. Besides the continuously updated News and Features the website offers blogs for designers and artists as well as an online store where designers can sell their fashion products.

    The recently introduced sections “Faces & Spaces” and “Portfolio Show” contain interviews with people from the design and music industry and the “Portfolio Show” section displays portfolios of designers and studios.

    A highly customised content management system including an online shop for fashion articles was created in PHP/MySQL.

    Web design in collaboration with Floor5, Programming in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript


  • Norwich Textiles

    Textile history website, 2006

    The Norwich Textiles website documents and the rich textile culture of the City of Norwich in the East of England.
    The project was commissioned by Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service and the Norfolk School of Art and Design. It was created in collaboration with Gero Grundmann from studiobec, who also executed the Corporate Design for Norwich Textiles.

    The site offers comprehensive historical content, visitor information, interactive Textile Trails and a large image database of textile pattern books, shawls, etc, which is currently being expanded.

    The site is based on an individually written content management system, based on PHP/MYSQL. It includes editing of each page, user administration as well as an image and file database. The interative sections were created in a combination of Flash and AJAX.

    Concept, web design, Programming in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash

    Norwich Textiles website

  • Terranova

    Flash-website for music artist, 2004

    The flash website for the music artist Terranova was designed in collaboration with Jakob Schillinger and Floor5.

    The site has an unusual concept. Three popup windows are opened simulatinuously in the layout of the Terranova logo. The user navigates from the top to the bottom. Content like news, photos, tracklists, etc. will be displayed in the lower window. Music samples and videos can be played with the integrated media player.

    The site is fully based on a content management system, developed by Floor5.

    Concept, web design, Flash programming

    Rich content website for the music artist Terranova

    Terranova website

  • Anticipation & Reality

    Intermediate degree in the Digital Media Class, 2003

    My intermediate diploma in the Digital Media Class deals with the relationship of anticipation and reality. A series of interactive screen applications explores the difference between the anticipated future and the actual reality.

    Anticipation is the expectation or the mental idea of an event in the future. It originates from the ability of a subject to imagine a future. It can happen consciously or unconsciously.

    The term of Reality describes the actual future reality, e.g. the consequences of an action. The mental expectations of an observer can turn out to be true or false.

    Research, idea, concept, design, Flash programming, documentation

    Open assigment, but the project was supposed to deal with digital media.

    Documentation website

  • Basic Course

    Website and CD-Rom for the Basic Course of the Digital Media Class, 2003

    For the basic course 2002/2003 in the Digital Media Class a documentation website and CD-Rom was developed. The Basic course was supervised by Ralph Ammer.

    An interactive menu in the top left corner provides access to information on the participants of the course and their works. The layout is scalable and adapts to the screen resolution automatically. The menu was designed by the group, the programming was done in collaboration with Andre Stubbe.

    Flash programming, CD creation

    Basic course website

  • iteration

    Generating sound loops through recursive algorithms, 2003

    Interactive screen applications in collaboration with Andre Stubbe

    Iteration is the mathematical term for the repeated application of a transformation.

    The following experimental applications deal with the audiovisual display of iterative processes.

    Idea, concept, design, Flash programming

    Interactive sound:
    Create an interactive application for sounds of your choice.

    Interactive application