• Bar!

    Concept: Reactive Bar Counter Surface, 2004

    Three concepts for the generative display on a bar counter surface were developed in collaboration with Nadine Thieme.

    A bar is a meeting point. People meet, get closer and build personal relationships. The intensity of a contact is visualized by dynamic shapes surrounding the glasses on the bar.

    Real mirror images of people are modified in generative manner. People and their movements are shifted in space and time.

    Strich & Faden
    A black & white texture which reminds you of manually produced tablecloths, reacts to external impulses like movements or touch.

    Idea, concept, sketches in Flash and Processing, video simulations

    Pressure project: Bar! Design a dynamic surface for a bar counter or a bar table.

  • Outerspace

    Reactive robotic creature, 2004

    Outerspace is a reactive robotic creature with animal-like behaviour. It was developed in collaboration with Andre Stubbe. Outerspace's fundamental motivation for any behaviour is based on curiosity, the desire to explore the surrounding space looking for contact. Touch it, play with it and watch its behaviour.

    The project is at the edge of art and design involving various aspects of industrial design, physical computing & artificial intelligence. It was developed on the brief “Lustobjekt”, object of pleasure & desire, in the Digital Media Class at the Berlin University of the Arts.




    Outerspace received an Honorary Mention Interactive Art at the Prix Ars Electronica 2006 and is the winner of the Europrix Top Talent Award 2006.

    Idea, concept, design, prototyping, building, Java software development, BX-24 microcontroller programming, video editing, web design

    The given task was to create a “Lustobjekt”, a reactive physical object by means of microcontrollers and sensors.

    Selected Exhibitions

    – 2007 WIRED Nextfest, Los Angeles
    – 2007 Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria
    – 2006 STRP, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    – 2005 Artbots, Dublin, Ireland
    – 2005 Designmai, Berlin, Germany

    Project website

  • Radiation Culture

    Indicating mobile radiation in real space, 2004

    Radiation culture is an interactive installation that visualizes the spatial distribution of mobile radiation.

    Electromagnetic radiant energy feeds a synthetic bioindicator. The visual display uses the metaphor of algal growth in places of strong insolation. The absorption range in the electromagnetic spectrum, however, is shifted from visible light to long-wave radiation.

    The installation refers to a space, where mobile sources of radiation like mobile phones are. This can be both a room inside a building and an area of public space, for example a place, where many people frequent. At places of concentrated radiation an alga-like shape begins to grow. It is loosely connected and can freely move in space.

    Idea, concept, design, programming in Java, video tracking

    Conceive and design a project, whose main means of expression is generativity. The choice of topic is open.

    Project documentation
    Programmed sketch

  • Generative sketches

    Computational design with Processing, 2003

    Various experiments made with Processing during the workshop by Marius Watz

    Dynamic Form
    A spring model can be held at each single point and moved.

    Particles demontrate various behaviours like attraction, avoidance or alignment.

    Mouse movements create a threedimensional generative form.

    Idea, concept, design, programming in Processing

    Generative sketches

  • Anticipation & Reality

    Intermediate degree in the Digital Media Class, 2003

    My intermediate diploma in the Digital Media Class deals with the relationship of anticipation and reality. A series of interactive screen applications explores the difference between the anticipated future and the actual reality.

    Anticipation is the expectation or the mental idea of an event in the future. It originates from the ability of a subject to imagine a future. It can happen consciously or unconsciously.

    The term of Reality describes the actual future reality, e.g. the consequences of an action. The mental expectations of an observer can turn out to be true or false.

    Research, idea, concept, design, Flash programming, documentation

    Open assigment, but the project was supposed to deal with digital media.

    Documentation website

  • Basic Course

    Website and CD-Rom for the Basic Course of the Digital Media Class, 2003

    For the basic course 2002/2003 in the Digital Media Class a documentation website and CD-Rom was developed. The Basic course was supervised by Ralph Ammer.

    An interactive menu in the top left corner provides access to information on the participants of the course and their works. The layout is scalable and adapts to the screen resolution automatically. The menu was designed by the group, the programming was done in collaboration with Andre Stubbe.

    Flash programming, CD creation

    Basic course website

  • iteration

    Generating sound loops through recursive algorithms, 2003

    Interactive screen applications in collaboration with Andre Stubbe

    Iteration is the mathematical term for the repeated application of a transformation.

    The following experimental applications deal with the audiovisual display of iterative processes.

    Idea, concept, design, Flash programming

    Interactive sound:
    Create an interactive application for sounds of your choice.

    Interactive application

  • Mouse Mirror Maze

    Abstract computer game, 2002

    This experimental game is the digital equivalence of a real mirror maze. In this case the actor is not a person, but the mouse cursor.

    On a black screen you see only the edges of a two-dimensional mirror maze in the form of white points. As you start the game, the virtual reflections of the cursor appear, created by the invisible mirrors. The mirrors can be orthogonal or diagonal.

    The aim is to navigate the cursor through the system as quickly as possible in order to find the still unknown exit. On every collision with a mirror penalty points are added. The final score is calculated from the duration and the number of collisions. The lower the value, the better the player.

    Idea, concept, design, Flash programming

    Process: Create a Computergame.

    Interactive application

  • Zeitfiguren

    Short movie, 2002

    Step and track, object and shadow, cause and effect – each one of those elements is strongly connected to the other from our experience. Their chronological order is determined. This short movie is going to look into that.

    Idea, concept, direction, camera, editing, compositing

    Design with the medium time: create time figures, time bodies, time tracks...
    Visual entities, where time is inscribed or which are formed by processes of time.