Computational Design

Thinking about the topic of my diploma next year and what I’m doing or trying to, I read a discussion about Computational Design at more and more of us begin to call themselves Computational Designers, I think it makes sense to consider the actual definition again. In the broadest sense, Computational Design can be put as „the design of products and processes through the use of digital means“. But it is by far more than just doing something with the help of digital media, i.e. using some fancy software. The point is to take the challenge of getting down to the real capabilities of digital media.

Nobody else could draw a better picture of the scenario than Prof. Dr. Mihai Nadin, who mainly shaped the definition. If you have the time, there are two great essays by Nadin on Computational Design and design in general, highly recommended for reading for anybody who works in the design field or encounters it:

1. Computational Design: Design in the Age of a Knowledge Society

2. We are what we do

Nadin had founded the worlds first Computational Design Programme at the University of Wuppertal and did a lot of research on anticipation, the topic of my intermediate diploma.