Crash Symposium

Finally back in London, i attend the Crash Symposium last friday, thanks to Kalle Korman for the information. The symposiums domain is to explore human onthology and the future of coding in an interdisciplinary space of quantum physics, philosophy, artificial intelligence, robotics to indie porn. If you enter each one of these keywords at google, you’ll find loads of information. Dr. Sunny Bains, scientist in the field of optoelectronics, robotics, machine perception and emerging computing technologies, gave an interesting lecture on AI and physical computation. Among others, she showed a video from the Human Power and Robotics Lab, Cornell Univ., walking creatures without using any motors or classical computation. Check out their videos. Of course, they reminded me of Strandbeest.

The nerdiest domain ever:

Robotics Links:
Institute of Neuromorphic Engineering
Autonomous Wormbot
Muscle action controlled prehensile tail