Calvert Font

Yeah, i just got to know another nice typeface: Calvert, again by Margaret Calvert, cut in 1980. Its a nice slab serif typeface, which is used for the corporate design of The Helen Hamlyn Research Centre e.g.


  • thomas

    hi marcus! thanks very much for regards and wishes on march24th! i just started a mail by “hey alter sack” but i¬¥m clicking around your blog for 30mins now and its very entertaining&inspirational – even that “ForAllSeasons”, first i thought you made it 😉 four you all the best and please come to halle/saale on may6th – we babefest our nuehome 😎 come along alder!

    ps. i¬¥ll start a page myself (soon) so “timmes001”-crap will be over then hehe

  • Solene

    hummm very nice typeface indeed… Aaaah, I’m glad! you are not so intoxicated with Helvetica!

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