The Source

A piece that may not be missing in this research and I still admire a lot is The Source by greyworld. 162 vertical cables in the London Stock Exchange. 9 balls per cable, which results in a 3d matrix of 729 pixels (each sphere uses two cables to climb, thanks to Andrew for the hint). You got balls, guys!


“The Angel project questions the nature of fixed architecture and looks at the possibilities of an architecture lighter than air capable of sheltering us and even bringing communities together.”
LTA (Lighter Than Air) Vehicles can act in flocks to construct dynamic spaces for people to meet.

This a very interesting idea, very much related to what i’m planning to do. My future goal will be to think more about the actual shape, behaviours and ways of interaction.

Yayoi Kusama

Making several reactive shape-shifting objects in space – this is the recent open idea for my degree project.

I got inspired by an installation called “Dots Obsession”, 2004 by the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, seen at the Berlin–Tokyo/Tokyo–Berlin exhibition at the Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin. Big inflated blobs are suspended or free floating in space. The dots, the vibrant colours and the arrangement of wall mirrors have a very strong effect on the perception when inside the installation room.

Inflatable Art, Architecture and Design

In the course of doing some research about intflatable or shape-shifting objects, I got myself a very interesting book: Inflatable Art, Architecture and Design.
Inflatables surround a very special fascination, but they can have a very kitschy connotation as well. I’m interested in simple things, that are fascinating and understandable even for little children while at the same time not beeing too superficial or worn-out.

electric moOns

electric moOns, by Christopher Bauder, Till Beckmann and Holger Pecht is a large interactive 3D display. It consists of 10 x 10 helium balloons, that form the dynamic display sculpture. The user can control the movement and lighting of the balloons to a chosen musical piece.


micro.spheres is an installation of 16 autonomous robots in a room. The robots go by the rule to roll to the spatial center of the close surrounding. By means of this simple rule, the visitors can experience the complex interactions sensually.